Insignia Guide: Cub Scout Leader Recognitions

Trained Leader emblem, No. 00280, is available for all leaders who have completed Fast Start Training and the Basic Leader Training program appropriate to their positions. The emblem is worn on the left sleeve imme di ately below and touching the emblem of office for which it was earned. Den chiefs who have completed the den chief training conference may wear the Trained Leader emblem beneath their badge of office.

Note: The Trained Leader emblem may be worn only in connection with the emblem of office for which training has been completed.
Wood Badge beads, worn by Cub Scouters who have satisfactorily completed all phases: two beads on thong, No. 02175; staff, three beads, No. 02176; course director, four beads, No. 02177. Worn only with field uniform, not civilian clothes, T-shirt, or dress blazer uni form. May be worn alone or with Wood Badge neckerchief, No. 02211, and woggle (slide), No. 02173. (See page 31)
Wood Badge slide or woggle, No. 02173
Wood Badge Troop 1 neckerchief, No. 02209.
Wood Badge tartan neckerchief, No. 02213.

Click here for Cub Scout Leader Award embroidered knots.