To all units working LSU ushering or stretcher bearing, please follow the instructions below:
Please be advised of the mandatory registration process for working LSU football game days – if you have any game day volunteers, groups, or any temporary staff working LSU home football games - Please use the attached link to direct your team members to register to work LSU Football Game days. 
Registering employees will provide LSU Police with the necessary information to run a basic free background check.  Everyone working needs to be accounted and checked - Direct all workers to individually signup online to register their information. 
Do not submit forms or paperwork to employees (or attempt to collect personal information - each person working should be responsible for completing the online form).  LSU Police have created this website and service to increase the security for Tiger Stadium and for all the game day workers as well.  Thank you for your cooperation.
NOTE: This is a mandatory registration process. Everyone (youth and adults) must complete the online registration.
Adult submissions are for background checks and youth submissions are simply for security purposes.
Deadline to Register:
Mandatory Informational Meeting:
  • Saturday, August 24th or Monday, August 26th (All participants must attend one (1) of the two (2) meetings)

 First Football Home Game:
  • Saturday, September 7th, 2013
Various Groups:
  • Concessions – Chartwells working groups

  • Boy scouts & Stretcher Bearers

  • Tiger Medical Team

  • Catering – Tiger Den Suites and Stadium Club

  • Program Sellers

  • Sportshop sales and sellers

  • Custodial/Janitorial