Website: http://www.avondaledistrict.org/

Key Leadership:
District Chair Lacey Triche 225-301-3720
District Vice Chair   John Hadden   225-939-5757
District Commissioner Reggie Maxey
District Executive Jacqueline Moore
Finance Chair Nicole Wilcher 225-719-1582
West Feliciana Community Investment of Character Chair Andy D'Aquilla 225-223-4988
East Feliciana Community Investment of Character Chair
Brain Chandler 225-505-0691
Pointe Coupee Community Investment of Character Chair
  Louis Hebert   225-718-1525
Special Event Chair Thomas Flynn
Family Investment of Character Chair   Cubmasters & Scoutmasters    
Risk Management Chair   Matthew Peterson   225-405-8901
Membership Chair Tammy Armand-Golden 225-775-5924
School Night Chair Steve Browning, Jr 225-412-9747
Program Chair Cyndi Hadden
Advancement Chair Ed Fisher 225-810-6189
Training Chair Patricia Nason 225-936-0062
Camping Chair Dave Scherrer 225-773-1384
Camp Promotion Dave Scherrer
District Banquet Chair   Gary Scronce    
District Arrow of Light Chair   Paul Barry    
District Pinewood Derby Host   Terry Myers    
District Day Camp Directors   Patricia Nason

Natascha Wilcox
District Special Event Chair   Thomas Flynn    
District Cub Campout Host Unit Pack 60
Unit Commissioners:
Cub Scout Roundtable Commmissioner -
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner James Reinte
Unit Commissioner Brad Defranceschi
Unit Commissioner Terri Sauls
Unit Commissioner Ron Usie
Unit Commissioner
District Members-at-Large:
Monthly Meetings: